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McSAPRR is an anagram forĀ Matt Chertkoff Sings and Plays Rock & Roll

A great day for America



Hot Dog Rock Tour August 31, 2010

Venue Location Gig Time
Brooklyn Hot Dogs (Brooklyn, NY) 11:00am
Willie's Dawgs (Brooklyn, NY) 11:30am
Crif Dogs (Manhattan) 12:45pm
Surprise Manhattan Hot Dog Cart Appearances!- 1:30pm
Hiram's (Fort Lee, NJ) 2:45pm
Big Daddy's Dogs (Little Falls, NJ) 3:45pm
Dickie Dee's (Newark, NJ) 5:00pm
Max's Hot Dogs (Long Branch, Nj) 7:00 pm

Come on out it's going to be a blast!

Contact Matt Chertkoff: 646-705-3738
Hot Dog Rock, It's for Real


Hot Dog Rock is the world's first Rock Opera about hot dogs. McSAPRR is a brand new totally warped rock artist.