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McSAPRR is an anagram forĀ Matt Chertkoff Sings and Plays Rock & Roll

A great day for America
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This song touches on the annual Coney Island July 4th Hot Dog Eating competition in which Joey Chestnut defeated the reining 5time hotdog champion Kobiashi, thus returning the Yellow Mustard Belt to American soil.

This equiste rock masterpiece will become the anthem of this year's Independence Day. Hot Dog Rock may also ascend into cult status with it's Zappa/Steely Dan/Jazz influence Rock and virtuosic solos. There are also edited non-curse radio versions of all the songs. Hotdog Rock is destined to become a cult classic especially with the many eating competition fans in the US

Hot Dog Rock, It's for Real


Hot Dog Rock is the world's first Rock Opera about hot dogs. McSAPRR is a brand new totally warped rock artist.